Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Well, the cold weather is here. Coming from a place that's hot all year long, facing the cold weather sure is a challenge. Let's face it, I'm not used to layering at all and either I like it or not, I'll have to get used to it, haha. I had to put on three to four layers of clothes on daily basis which is insane! And I really need to get a pair of gloves ASAP. Hiding my hands in my pockets doesn't work anymore, every time I got back from outside my hands are freezing. I wonder what am I going to be like if I go someplace that snows. I'm sure it's going to be so much fun building snowman or make a snow angel.
Finals are here. One down, three to go! I'm a little stressed but I enjoy doing the final projects and I'm glad that I don't have any big horrible exams.


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sacramento Photo Diary

Thanksgiving breakfast

Old Sacramento


H&M sweater // Forever 21 shirt // H&M necklace // ISHKZIA boots

Happy belated Thanksgiving! My roommates and I spent our Thanksgiving in Sacramento. It was my very first Thanksgiving and I was so excited. We left Wednesday night and had (my very first) In-N-Out, it was soooo good!
On Thanksgiving day, we went to explore a little part of Sacramento, we went to the famous Old Sacramento. It was such a lovely area. The buildings are old-looking and reminded me of cowboy era or something haha. We walked around and then went to Caroline's grandmother's house for dinner. The dinner was perfect! The soup, salad, turkey, some other stuff that we ate with the turkey, dessert, everything was perfect! I didn't bring my camera to the Thanksgiving dinner tough, sorry about that. And later that night, we baked some gingerbread cookies! The first batch of the cookie was wired, is it because we didn't put honey in it? The result of the second round of baking turns out amazing! I was sugar high the whole night, I was very talkative and a bit wired maybe, haha.
The last day was quite adventurous. We loved the weather in Sacramento, it wasn't as crazy as the weather here in San Francisco. No crazy wind, just nice chilly weather. It was sunny and warm on Friday and we were so happy. We went to this Mongolian BBQ place called Great Wall BBQ, it was so good! Best $8 I've ever spent! I was so full for the rest of the day! We went to American River, which was amazing, just sitting there, enjoying the sun, it was a perfect day. But well, we must come back to reality and later that night, we drove back to San Francisco. 
I'm really grateful that I can spent my very-first-Thanksgiving-ever at Sacramento and enjoy the short trip there.
Oh, by the way, if you were wondering why I had my glasses on, I lost one of my contact lenses and I don't have any stock left and I had no idea that if I want to buy contact lenses here I'm going to need "doctor's prescription" which I don't have. So I'm gonna have my glasses on until I go back home to Bali and get some! 
I can't believe that it's December already!
Enough of my rambling, how was your Thanksgiving?