Sunday, January 26, 2014

Gili Photo Diary

cloth inc nautical summer dress // charles&keith sandals // forever 21 sunnies

extreme top // brandy melville skirt

Here you go, photos from Gili. I had a great time there, biking around all day, enjoying the weather, and the clear water.  


Friday, January 24, 2014

Winter Break

Merry belated Christmas and Happy belated New Year! Late is better than never right? (it has been a struggle to find wi-fi in Bali)
I went back home to Bali for winter break and gosh, i do miss the beaches and short shorts weather. At some point it felt too hot I thought I was melting, me being dramatic.
I arrived on Christmas’ eve and having dinner not long after the ultimate 20-hour-flight is not the best idea, I was quite exhausted but glad I can reunite with my family and friends. And the good thing about being a pig is i don’t have jet lag, just give me a bed with pillows and blanket and I’ll fall asleep despite the 16 hours time difference.
We went to Gili Island for three days and boy do I love that island, the clear water of the sea, riding bikes and the nice environment.
My friends and I went to the beach for new year’s eve and the new year itself. It was raining the whole day, but that didn’t stop us to find nice place with the great view of fireworks (read : walked into a hotel next to the mall and went to the pool, stood under the standing umbrella thing to watch the fireworks) it was so much fun! I’m missing home already…
2014 is here, I’m so ready for this year, I bet it’s going to be even greater than 2013!