Thursday, February 13, 2014

Off The Grid

Off The Grid

From The Chairman Truck : Steamed bun with Crispy Miso Cured Tofu with Garlic-Tofu Mayo & Baby Choy Sum. That's a mouthful name.

Bouquet from Bacon Bacon, delish!

Selfie! Props to Christina

We went to check out "Off The Grid" earlier today. They have a bunch of vendors and boy do they all look amazing. There were 10-13 food trucks with tempting menus. It was not an easy task to pick food from, they all looked so delicious! I picked a steamed bun with crispy tofu something something something from The Chinaman Truck, it was so good, freshly made and all that. I also got something called "Bouquet" from Bacon Bacon, and that was the best bacon ever. Great food with reasonable prices, PERFECT.
It's been a while since the last time I get my butt out of the dorm and explore this magnificent city. I was glad that one of my roommate brought it up. The homework load this semester sure is a huge challenge and it's nice to just forget about it for a little while — enjoying the nice weather and surroundings.



  1. Love the post! Will definitely have to visit Off The Grid.
    xo, Connie

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