Tuesday, June 10, 2014

New York Coty pt. III

Here you go, the last part of our NYC trip. Here are the pictures from the fourth and fifth day from our trip. We planned to go to the Statue of Liberty on the fourth day, but unfortunately it was raining, cold and foggy the whole day. So we took some pictures around the area and went to Chinatown and Little Italy instead. We walked around Chinatown but the only thing that caught or eyes was this little dessert place, I can't remember the name but it reminded me of Honeymoon Dessert in Singapore. YUM!
 I really wanted to visit the famous Flatiron building, I've seen it in pictures a billion times and I just had to go there. Despite the fact that is was raining, we went to Shake Shack at Madison Square Park that apparently is right next to the building! It was not easy to eat and hold an umbrella at the same time, but it was so delicious! We walked around some more and decided to head back.
The next day we went to Statue of Liberty, the weather was lovely! We got our tickets and get on the ferry. It was a great experience. It was quite crowded, but I love the view from the island. As usual, we went cray at the gift shop. 
Sadly, that was our last day in New York. We went to the airport in the next morning. I would love to go back there again one day. There still are a few places that we didn't get the chance to visit. Until next time, New York!
Oh, the one tip I can give you from my trip to New York is to get the unlimited subway pass. It's $30 for 7 days but trust me we did the math and that $30 is worth it. We used the regular $10 on our first (or second?) day and we spend all $10 in one day. Hopefully that's helpful for you!



  1. New York is one of my dream vacay! Great pictures!! you look like you really had so much fun!!


  2. Oh these photos really make me miss NYC this time of year...the transition bet spring and summer is just so filled with life as the community comes out to play again! What is that yummy bao dessert thing with the custard center?? Lol, you had me at the food hun!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  3. Absolutely wonderful pics! Makes me dream about New York even more! <3


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