Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Summer Wardrobe Staples

I thought it would be a great idea to share my summer staples with you. And hopefully you'll find this somewhat helpful.

H&M romper and bralette 
1. Romper / Playsuit
I noticed that rompers are really popular lately. I think it's a perfect summer staple — it's light, flattering and most importantly, comfortable. The only downside is when you need to go to the restroom, especially when you really, really need to pee and you have a few layers on top of your romper, not good.

Brandy Melville Kaylee dress 
2. Sundress
I personally love sundresses, they are very airy, and comfortable. It's definitely something that you can dress up or down. I got this dress from Brandy last autumn, I think. I would love to find more sundresses. It's the best thing to wear when the weather gets a bit warmer in San Francisco.

Vintage oversized shirt // H&M jersey tank top // Mango shorts
3. Oversized Shirt
I figured that an oversized shirt would be a nice idea to replace those heavy jacket from the spring.

H&M skirt
4. Patterned Skirt
Jazz your skirt up with patterns, lately I've been loving the idea of patterned bottoms instead of tops. And plus, you can never go wrong with skirts in the summer.

H&M  jersey tank top // Mango Shorts
5. Plain White Tank or Tee
White tee or tank is a classic and I noticed that white seems to be a big trend this summer. I pick this tank top that I got from H&M, it's loose, flowy and not to sheer — perfect for summer. 

H&M crop top // Cloth Inc. skirt
6. Crop Tops
Crop top is a staple for me, all of my skirts sits a bit high on my waistline and sometimes I just hate tucking my shirt in every 15 minutes and I think crop tops are the solution for that. Dress it up or dress it down, your choice.

Growing up in a tropical island, I never really thought about "summery outfits" or "staples". I wear the same thing all year round that consist of tons of shorts, skirts, tees and sometimes dresses. But ever since I moved here, I appreciate the summery weather a lot more. Right now, I'm missing the hot summery weather. The weather here is way too cold for summer. 
Enjoy your summer!



  1. love how simple yet super cute these outfits are!!

  2. wow you're so fabulous darling! :) we have the same name :) ihihi
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  3. I love your staple summer picks. These are wonderful!

  4. really nice things :)) I really like the first outfit

  5. I love your blog so much! :D Have an amazing day!


  6. These outfits are lovely! It's a shame it's freezing here at the moment, so I can't wear anything like it though.

    Beth. x

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