Saturday, July 12, 2014


I'm a big nail polish fan, I love painting my nails but I hate the waiting-for-them-to-dry part because I usually would do something and ruined my not-so-dry-yet nails. 
I've heard so much about Sephora's Formula X nail polishes and I really want to try one to see what it is all about. I test the nail polishes a few times but I can never justify myself to spend $10 on a bottle nail polish unless I know they're really good. I walking around Sephora the other day to look around and I found this little part of the store that turns out to be the sale section for the nail polish. I saw this color called "Dynamic" and I've never had a grey/taupe nail polish in my life before, plus I just think it would be a good neutral color (there you go, my justification to buy new nail polish). And the best part? I got it for half the price! I googled this color and found out this is one out three colors they had for Formula X's "The Cut" spring 2014.
It's really easy to use, great pigmentation, smooth, and dries quickly, which I really appreciate. I only need to apply 2 coats which is great considering I usually have to apply 3 coats to get the nice opaque look with other nail polishes. I'm not quite sure how long it will last on my nails, so I will update about that!
I would definitely recommend this nail polish, it's totally worth it!

It chips within a week on my nails, which is meh for me. I'm not the best at painting nails, so staying power is what I look for when I buy nail polishes. On my toes however they're basically untouched, it has been more than a week and no chip at all. So, I would give it 3.5 out of 5 stars.



  1. I love the grey shade. I've never owned one before but I think it looks amazing. Also who doesn't love a good sale? x

  2. Love the colour of the polish, I have one similar from OPI!
    -Magenta xxx

  3. Such a pretty naked color, so sad we haven't Sephora here!

  4. Ahh I keep seeing great reviews for these polishes. Love this shade! x

    1. they're pretty good! you should try one!

  5. Love this shade! :)

  6. Nice find! There's a grey polish in the Rimmel lasting finish line that I really like too. It's just a bit deeper than this shade. You might want to try that one if your in the market for a cheaper alternative. ;)

    Taylor |

  7. That's a really nice color! Followed you on bloglovin!

  8. I picked up a couple minis of the Formula X polishes and holy chip-city! Let me know how long your nails stay nice.

  9. It looks really nice on you :) I love Formula X, I have one nail polish and the whole system and I really love them! xx