Monday, July 21, 2014

Light Layering

Layer up, no matter hot/cold it is outside right now, just layer up — a tip every San Franciscan gave me. There's no scorching hot weather here, sometimes t-shirt and jeans are enough, but when it gets windy they're not enough. Most of the time I would think to pair everything I wear with my trustee leather jacket, but hey, my leather jacket needed a break and often it gets too hot wearing that. So I opted for an oversized flannel instead, which I find to be perfect, it's not too thick or thin, and if the weather get a little warmer, I can just tie it around my waist.



  1. Love this - blouses like that are perfect to take off when the temperatures rise! x

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  3. Really good post!I would love to see you on my blog.
    Keep in touch xoxo

  4. Love these looks! and it's so handy now as the weather changes so much! Great idea!
    Love x

  5. Such a perfect casual look - simple, comfortable but so stylish. You wear it so well!

  6. LOVE a good plaid shirt. Seattle's weather is very fickle and similar to SF in some ways so I've definitely learned to layer up!

  7. We are all about plaid shirts! LOVE the grunge and coolness babe, paired with motorcycle boots! HOTTT!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  8. What a fun look. Like the casual chic.

  9. I did the exact same thing yesterday, I traded in my trusty leather jacket for an oversized striped shirt...great minds must think alike haha!