Sunday, July 6, 2014

Summer in SF

new look sweater // DIY jeans // miztique bag  // pink&pepper boots

Summer in San Francisco is not hot and sweaty, it's actually pretty chilly and foggy. Sure, there are warmer days, but most of the time it's too cold to wear shorts. I like it though, it's not as cold as winter but not as hot as Bali.
This pair of ripped jeans is probably one of my favorite DIY I've ever done. I've own this pair of jeans for quite a while now, the fit is not so great anymore, the color faded, and I was about to get rid of it. But then I saw some ripped jeans like the one from whistles and topshop, and I just got inspired to ripped the knee area of my old jeans to make it look different. I really need to find a new pair of jeans to replace this one, though. Finding a nice pair of skinnies is like a mission for me — everything is way too long for me. Hopefully I can find one soon.



  1. Your pictures are so fabulous!

  2. Lovely post,hun!
    Keep in touch xoxo

  3. Pretty outfit, I just love the ripped jeans <3

  4. I need to visit SF soon!! Love your outfit! -- Lindsey xx

  5. I love busted knees, good job on the DIY!

  6. Hi Sophia! I like your style! Young and chic!

  7. Lovely outfit! <3