Friday, August 8, 2014

At First Blush

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure "At First Blush" (824)

 I always high hope for Sally Hansen's nail polishes. I tried their insta-dri and I loved it. Let's take a moment to admire how gorgeous the packaging is — it's sleek and looks luxurious. But sadly, I don't like this nail polish. I'm not sure if I got the "bad batch" or it's the formula. It's incredibly gloopy and I had to put three layers on to get the opaque look. The first coat was a streak party, streakier than any other polishes I own on first coat. That didn't put me off though, I was hoping it will look nice on the second coat and nope, still not opaque and it took a while to dry and that ladies and gentlemen, was a nightmare for me, I'm the worst at waiting for my nails to dry and let me tell you, I had to reapply some of them multiple times. After three coats the color was quite opaque, but there were still a few area that was not so opaque. The brush is pretty much the same size as the insta-dri, but it's super messy when I applied it. I'm not the best at applying nail polish but this is messier than usual. I'm not sure why but the color changed a bit, it doesn't look as pale as it was when I applied it, if anybody knows why, please let me know. It chips within three or four days on me. I'm very disappointed with this nail polish.

Do you ever try any nail polish from this range? How was it?



  1. Really sad that you're disappointed with this nail polish .I heard a lot of positive feedback about this nail polish from my friends, but i'm not huge nail polish fan & I haven't tried it

    xx, Marina / marinasirmais

  2. really love the colour of this nail polish, hopefully they stock in the uk! Just stumbled upon your blog, its amazing!

    Amelia |

  3. I really like your blog and I would love it if you would check mine out and tell me what you think. Thanks! XD

  4. Pretty color! I like this color! Girly, friendly, everything!

  5. ♥ I have nominated you for the Liebster Award!!! ♥

    Gigi //

    ((Sidenote I have two polishes from this Sally Hanson Line and I totally enjoy them. It might be the formula for this one color))

  6. The nail color is so beautiful! xx


  7. i love the nail color <3