Sunday, August 17, 2014

Golden Gate Park + Pho

h&m sweater // zara jeans // nike shoes // miztyque bag

If you follow me on instagram, you'll probably recognize the first picture. I went to the Golden Gate Park with my friend because we have nothing better to do. I have never been to the west part of the park before. After 40 blocks later we were hungry and there are plenty of restaurants on Irving st. and out of everything we picked this small pho restaurant called Loi's. That was my very first pho and I was satisfied! It was delicious!

Have you ever tried pho?

One more thing, happy birthday to my beloved country, Indonesia! I wish I can be in Indonesia and eat all the good food!



  1. Great pictures, I really like the first picture, your hair looks beautiful! I still haven't tride Pho but it looks very good. :)

  2. That food looks so yummy! Great post :) x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  3. How can you pull off jeans and sneakers so well?! I honestly don't think I can. Haha

  4. Yum for PHO!!! So glad I clicked on your comment on MARGARET ZHANG's SHINE BY THREE
    blog and got led back here to
    yours. It's seriously full of GREAT info and juicy pics here! Just
    followed you on GFC and bloglovin', be sure to see more of you soon.
    Please do check out my very accessorized Breton shirt post featuring
    some ass hugging amaze-jbrand white denims, dolce canvas mid-heels
    (humbly), and dries van noten star bracelet that can be turned into a
    weapon, click to find out why, no seriously! Haha! You'd be wonderfully

    xx The Provoker

  5. Gorgeous pictures.

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  6. What a lovely blog you have, and lovely pictures!

    I'm following you on blog lovin, please follow me back. :)

    Fleur x

  7. Cool outfit !

  8. Just so pretty Sophia x