Monday, August 11, 2014

Liebster Award: Discover New Blogs

I'm officially done with summer classes! Whoo! I have a whole month before fall semester starts and I thought what better way to celebrate than finally doing the Liebster Award. I'm not quite sure when this thing started but I was nominated by Sofia from Pale Lily, Patricia of The Striped Vent, Louise of Girl Attitudes, Karis of Karis Atkinson, and Sarah of Queen of Saigon. I'm sorry it took me so long to do it, but thank you nonetheless, ladies!

The rules:
1. Thank/link the blogger that nominated you.
2. 11 random facts about yourself.
3. Answer the 11 questions that they have written for you.
4. Nominate other bloggers with under 200 followers who you believe deserve the award.
5. Post 11 questions for your nominees to answer & let them know that they have been selected.

11 random facts about me
1. I have short term memory, like goldfish.
2. I get distracted really easily.
3. I'm a tea person.
4. I'm a stationary addict, especially notebooks.
5. I'm messy but I really like organizing things.
6. I hate being late.
7. I don't like watching sad movies.
8. I'm a sucker for good smelling things.
9. I'm clumsy.
10. I prefer physical copy of books and magazine instead of the digital ones. Very old school, I know.
11. Autumn is my favorite season.

11 questions for me 
(I'm combining the questions from all of them)
1. When it comes to your wardrobe, do you prefer lots of colors of more monochrome pieces?
I prefer monochrome. I do have colors here and there, but right now I'm trying to keep it on the neutral side,

2. Name 3 of your hobbies/interest.
Fashion, photography, art

3. If you can go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I would go to either London or Stockholm.

4. When did you start blogging?
2012, but I recently decide to put more focus and love to my blog.

5. What would be your dream job?
Owner of a little boutique.

6. If you wrote an autobiography of your life to date, what would the title of the last chapter be?
"Not done yet."

7. Favorite TV series?
Gossip girl, new girl, modern family, 2 broke girls, big bang theory, CSI. I'm currently hooked on Fringe.

8. Dogs or cats?

9. Your dream home, what does it look like?
Nothing big, homey, great amount of natural light, light colors with dark accents, cozy, big kitchen and bathroom.

10. Favorite pen color?

11. Sneakers or stilettos?
Sneakers, comfort comes first.

I nominate...
Karina Juchniewicz of Simple & Balck
Emma Kelly of Written with Style
Taylor Marie of Tea Marie

My questions
1. What's the reason you started blogging?
2. Your guilty pleasure(s)?
3. What's your favorite item in your closet?
4. Beaches or mountains?
5. What's your favorite season?
6. Do you add sugar to your coffee/tea?
7. Do you collect anything?
8. 3 handbag essentials.
9. How do you describe your perfect day?
10. 2 items from your current wish list.
11. Your all time favorite movie.

There you go! Hope you guys enjoy reading this!



  1. I love reading Liebster Award posts :)

    I just followed you on GFC,can you follow back please?

  2. Jessica (What To Style)August 12, 2014 at 10:24 AM

    Congrats! Amazing answers, it's always great to know a little more about bloggers! =)
    Please, check out my blog!


  3. Fun post! It's always cool to read Liebster Award posts because it's neat to learn a bit more about different bloggers.

    I love the shot of the strawberries as well. They look SO good!

    xo Jackie

    Something About That

  4. Really want to go to London and Stockholm too! I went to London when I was little, but I hardly remember anything from my trip.

  5. Love all these questions and your answers.

    p.s. I'm totally addicted to Fringe too. Joshua Jackson is such a major babe. xx

  6. I like physical copy of books and magazines too and i'm a tea person :) xx

  7. Thanks, Jackie! I love reading other blogger's answers too! x

  8. London and Stockholm seem amazing! I really want to go there! x

  9. Thank you! Fringe is amazing, I can't get enough! x

  10. Physical copy of books are so stratifying! x

  11. I'm in love love loveee with this blog xxxxxxx!!! I can't stop reading your posts sophia!!! thanks for making such a fantastic blog!!!

    ( it would be amazing amazing if you gave me feedback on my blog , thanks c: )

  12. Hi Sophia
    I have just nominated you for a leibster award, unfortunately I didn't realise that you had already been nominated! I have just come across your blog and think it looks great. Of course do not feel obliged to complete it again but here is the link to my post anyway:
    :) x