Sunday, August 10, 2014

Red Velvet

Wet n Wild MegaLast Lip Color in Red Velvet
Red lips on me, wow, not sure when I've become so bold. I always wear makeup that doesn't show much so basically red lip was not on my list. I always think that red lipstick or any lipstick in general will make me look older but I've always loved seeing people wearing red lipstick, they look so put together without trying. So I finally went to the drugstore and look around and this lipstick from Wet n Wild caught my eyes. I've heard so many good this about this lipstick so why not, right?

I swatched it on my hand when I got home and wow, I was impressed. I always use lip balm before I put on lipstick because my lips are pretty dry and it makes everything smoother. The formula is smooth and it's very pigmented. I'll definitely will buy some more! 



  1. You look very pretty, dear!!

    Will you visit my blog sometime??
    We can keep in touch if you like!!!


  2. You look stunning with red lips! If only I could pull off such a bald colour. You're gorgeous x


  3. you look good in red!

  4. you look good in red!

  5. Gorgeous shade!


  6. Beautiful blog! I think red looks absolutely gorgeous on you! I just got a Wet n Wild lipstick, and I am very happy with the pigmentation. I have to say it's a a bit drying for me, but nothing that a lip balm underneath can't fix :)

    Emily //

  7. This lipstick looks so striking and bold on you. I love it with the little black flick of eye liner. So beautiful! xx

  8. Thank you, Emily! Try to load up on the lip balm, it really helps! x