Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Boots Lust List

I'm a shoe person. I go crazy when I look at them (not really) But Look at these beauties! 
I'm a big boots lover and I have a couple pairs and not, they are not enough, you're probably sick of my pink&pepper boots that has been featured in basically all my post (?)

Yes, I've mentioned this one before and yes, I'm not over it, I don't think I can get over this pair of boots, ever.
I've never own a light colored boots and this pair is just super gorgeous. It's not as edgy as black booties but it's not too girly either.
I finally found it! I've seen this side-cutout-thing boots somewhere but I had no idea where it's from. I love the "V" on the side, it gives the pain black boots a twist. It's a great piece to have, no?
I was looking on websites and I stumbled upon Zalora boots section, they have quite a few but this one caught my eyes, a simple black boots. My motto is probably "You can never have too many black boots"
As I said up there, I don't have light colored boots, I saw this one and I think this one is the most feminine out of them all. I love the cutouts and the design.

Which one is your favorite?



  1. Replies
    1. It sure is! Jeffrey Campbell always has great designs! x

  2. Yes, girl! I'm getting all sorts of optimistic about autumn! #3 is so sweet.

    Warm regards,

    1. I love autumn weather! i'm pretty sure that pair of shoes will be perfect *sigh... x

  3. I love these! The 5th one is my favorite.

  4. Love all of these…I live in ankle boots! They're the best…!


    1. Thanks, michele! They sure are the best! x

  5. My favourite one's would have to be from Jeffrey Campbell Oriley-Ankle Boots. Great post and keep up the good work.


  6. Love the 1st and 3rd! Lovely choices! xoxo


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  8. Very nice post, I really like the 1st and 4th. They are suitable for any occasions :)
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  9. I'm a fan of boots/ankle boots as well and these are all my cup of tea! My favorites are the Steve Madden Rodayo black boots & the Sole Society Torri booties. They're definitely the most feminine from the bunch. xx

    Lubna | ELLE VOX

  10. Gorgeous collection - it's absolutely beautiful!! Boots are perfect from Autumn and all through Winter!! :)

    Layla xx

  11. Those ASOS boots are to die for, turned up jeans and a long parka jacket in Autumn.... lush!

    Charlotte x

  12. LOVE the Jeffrey Campbell booties. Great picks!
    xo Kat