Monday, October 13, 2014

Autumn Staples

sheinside camel coat // forever 21 cardigan // stradivarius jacket
cloth inc grey sweater // h&m cable knit // flannel
diy-ed forever 21 black jeans // stradivarius light grey jeans // zara jeans // zara skirt

forever 21 loafers // topshop suede boots // nike free 5.0
I did a summer wardrobe staples a few months back and I really enjoyed making it. So here are some of my autumn staples.

1. Camel coat — I had this on my wishlist and my sister kindly got it for me as a birthday present. It's more like a long blazer than a coat and I'm sure I'll be wearing this loads even in the winter because the winter here is not as cold as other places.
2. Chunky cardigans — I've been looking for one of these since last year but I never really make the purchase. I was talking to my friend about me needing a cardigan that's long enough and cozy enough to wear on daily basis and few hours later, we found this cardigan. I tried it on and it fits like a glove.
3. Leather jacket — the jacket that I love too much. A good friend of mine got me this jacket last year before I moved here and it's a definite staple for me.

1. Light weight sweater — there are those days where I don't think thick sweaters are necessary so light weight sweater is a must.
2. Cable knit sweater — one of my favorite kinds of sweater. They keep me warm and they give plain outfit some interest.
3. Flannel — when I think of autumn one thing come to mind: flannels. It's probably one of the most versatile items in my closet; I can wear it as top, layering piece, or tie it around my waist.

1. Black jeans — I DIYed this pair of jeans to give it more relaxed feel and all I did was ripped one of the knees and I cut the leg openings because they were too long and I like the unfinished look.
2. Grey jeans — these jeans are one of the comfiest jeans or bottoms in general. And I think wearing grey jeans make an outfit more interesting.
3. Denim — comfortable, simple, and goes with everything.
4. Patterned skirt — a great way to add more color to my lately-very-plain-outfit. All I need is just throw on some black tights if it's getting too cold.

1. Loafers — the easiest way to make everybody think you put a lot of thoughts into your outfit when really all you do is throw on a pair of loafers and they're something you can wear all day.
2. Flat boots — they're not ankle boots but they're not as tall as my other boots, but just as versatile as my other boots.
3. Bright trainers — do you the theme here? hint: comfortable shoes. Bright trainers are one of the easiest ways to add more colors to an outfit and they are perfect for those days filled with errands.

What's your autumn wardrobe staples?



  1. Victoria NightingaleOctober 13, 2014 at 11:40 AM

    Great post, you have such nice clothes :)

  2. Really love the checked shirt and red jumper! Abi :)


  3. Love all your jeans and that H&M sweater!! Nice post x

    Fabi |

  4. Love the check shirt, they're some of my favourite items to wear.
    Amy x

  5. love those knits! perfect for fall

  6. I want a camel coat so bad! :)

  7. Thank you, Abi! They are very comfortable! x

  8. Love the H&M cable knit sweater. The color is so beautiful!

    - Chaitra | PinkPot

  9. I'm kind of sad that those F21 loafers aren't available in my size - they look so lovely. I think oxford shoes have really become a wardrobe staple now that things are cooling down, I don't know why I want all the oxford shoes!

    x beauty, style, life | bespectacled

  10. love the color of your sweater and shoes!

  11. I love your cable knit sweater and that camel coat!

  12. Cute picks! xx

  13. Gorgeous pieces, autumn dressing can be way tricky! Love that patterned skirt :)

    Anoushka Probyn - A London Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

  14. Great post, my staple would have to be a leather jacket! You can never go wrong and they're extremely versatile. Xx

  15. Thanks, Amy! They are my favourite too! x

  16. You should definitely get one! they are so versatile! x

  17. That's a shame, have you tried finding them online? They didn't have my size in the stores too.. I'm drooling over a couple of oxfords too right now haha x

  18. I agree! I love the idea of layering though! Thanks, Anoushka! x p.s i love your name!

  19. Thanks, Erin! That's so true and they last forever! x

  20. Amazing post!!!!