Friday, November 21, 2014

Let's Talk About: Nails

Happy Friday! I'll be done with this semester in 4 weeks and I am very excited to say the least. I can't promise I'll post as regularly  so many final projects!  but I'll post a ton more once I'm finished with finals, especially when I'm going back home for winter break! Yay!

It's not a secret I love painting my nails  I find it very therapeutic  from all the nail related posts I've done. Because I can't stand the look of chipped nails polishes, it bothers me so much, and I'd rater remove it completely, I usually do this once a week. Once my nail polishes are chipped, I always start with nail polish remover (obviously), then I would start clipping my nails (I can't handle long nails), making sure that I clip it to the shape that I more or less want and let the nail file to do the shaping. I always shape my nails more on the rounder shape (not almond because they scare me, not square because I find them extremely unflattering on me) and after I'm satisfied with the shape, I'll start pushing my cuticles back  not the best feeling in the world – and buff my nails to give my polishes a good base, and then I'll apply my base coat. I'm currently using Sally Hansen's Xtreme wear but I'm running really low now and it starts to get very gloopy, I'm planning to try something different, any recommendations? After patiently waiting for my base to dry, I'll start applying the nail polish of the week. I always apply at least 2 coats (gotta love them opaque nails), from the bottom middle and swipe it outward, and then doing the rest of the nail; letting them dry before applying top coats. Some of my favorite nail polishes brands are Essie, O.P.I, and Formula X because they dry relatively fast, their formula is incredible, and they last about a week on me, unlike other brands. When everything is done and I'm happy, I always put some hand cream on.

How do you do your nails?



  1. I so agree with finding doing your nails therapeutic! I adore Seche Vite top coat! x

    Catherine | Pretty Little Beauty Blog

  2. going to echo Catherine and say the Seche Vite top coat is my holy grail! i always get fidgety waiting for nail polish to dry and it makes all the difference!


  3. I wish I had a good nail upkeep. They grow fairly quickly, but always break while I'm working! Not only that, but my hands are always so dry from working with all the boxes all day. For my Holiday wishlist, I definitely told my family I would love a good hand cream! Really great tips on this post <3

    Sofia |

  4. I adore that Essie navy blue polish, and I totally agree, painting nails is so therapeutic!!

    XO Courtney

  5. My routine is very much like yours: I usually don't add hand cream, though. Love the photograph! X

  6. I agree, I always try to give my nails some break form the polishes! x

  7. Yes! Thank you for the recommendation, I'll definitely look it up! x