Friday, January 2, 2015

A Trip to the Temples, Volcano, and A Cave


First of all, I hope everyone's having an amazing Christmas and Happy New Years to us all! I'm so excited for 2015, 2014 flew so quickly and it was one of the best year I've had so far, may 2015 be a fabulous year for us all! Secondly, I'm sorry for being MIA, I completely forgot how awful the internet is here – it's getting on my nerves.

For my first post of the year, I'll be sharing a trip that I went to recently with my family. We went to Jogjakarta, a city in Indonesia that I've never been to. Culture and art are the two things that always pass through my mind when I think about this city. We were there for 5 days and out the highlight of the trip is definitely going to the Mount Merapi that erupted few years back and going to the Jomblang Cave.

We went to Mount Merapi right after we landed and visit Prambanan Temple – which was amazing. We hopped on a jeep and went to the village that was destroyed by the eruption few years ago, the road to the village was very bumpy, as in 'hold on very tight or you'll fly out of the jeep' kind of bumpy. There were so many beautiful scenery on our way to the village and it was really interesting to see what survived the volcano and what didn't survived. I definitely recommend going the village if you're planning to go to Jogjakarta.

Another place that I recommend is Jomblang Cave. I went there on my last day, we went to the cave quite early in the morning because we want to avoid traffic and our driver suggested that we arrive at 1 PM-ish, when the sun is up high. When we arrived the staff made us change our shoes to boots they provide (bring a pair of socks you don't care about anymore, I had to throw mine away) and helmet. The staff guided us to the mouth of the cave and helped us with our harnesses, and hooked us on a rope. The cave was 60 meters deep, if you're scared of heights, stay away, they lower us down slowly and surely, it took us less than two minutes to get down. At the bottom was a small forest, which was very pretty, but that's not the main attraction of the trip, we walked down the muddy and somewhat slippery pathway to another a huge tunnel that lead us to another cave where the heavenly light was, it was gorgeous! You can read more about the cave and the procedures here.

I'll post a photo diary of the trip soon!

What did you do on Christmas day and New Years Eve?



  1. That sounds amazing! I'd love to go to Indonesia, I think my family do too! I'll have to suggest the places where you've been, they just sound so amazing. Hope you have a great New Year :)

    Karis Xx

  2. What an adventure! I'm looking forward to seeing the photo diary of the trip.
    Happy New Year :)

    Lots of hugs, A

  3. Looks so much fun! All the greens are so beautiful and love the b&w snaps!


  4. Everything looks amazing!! Glad to know you had great holidays, hope you have an amazing 2015 as well. Looking forward for the photography diary! :)

    Fabi |

  5. WOW, gorgeous photos! Would love to take a trip there when I travel :) xx

  6. Wow, looks like an incredible trip!! Such a huge landscape!

  7. Thanks, Emily! You definitely should, it was stunning x

  8. Thanks, love! Hope you're having a great year so far! x

  9. Thank you! It's been amazing, hope you're having an amazing year as well! x