Sunday, January 4, 2015

Here's to 2015

aldo hat // zara tee and shorts

My last outfit of 2014, comfortable and simple. This fedora is actually my dads', he got a little obsessed with fedoras while I was away, but hey, I'm digging it as long as I can borrow them ;) And as you can see on the gigantic picture of my wrists with silver and gold tattoos on them, thanks to my sister! I've been wanting to try them out since I saw them but they were so expensive, I also bought some from amazon for waaaaay cheaper. You'll definitely will see more of them!

2015 is here and I'll share some of my new years resolution.
1. Work hard, but don't forget to take a break
2. Socialize more
3. Explore
4. Try to do something new
5. Be confident
We'll see how many of them I actually do!

Let's raise our drink (mine's a orange flavored water, hahaha), here's to 2015!

What are some of your new year's resolution?



  1. Love the outfit :) Happy New Year!

    Aissa // tea in january

  2. amaing blog post !!!

    you have a lovely little blog would love to see you over on my blog :)


  3. Good luck in the new year and I hope 2015'll be wonderful for you. It's been so much fun, reading your articles! Love, Sjoukje

  4. Thanks, dear! Hope you're having a great year so far x