Monday, April 27, 2015

Blank Space

This is one of a few reasons that I haven't been around. My lease is finally up at the current place and and after a long process of apartment hunting and all that jazz, my friend and I finally found a great studio apartment to share. I can't describe how excited I am, a big weight on my shoulder has been lifted, now I can just focus on my finals.

I already have the bulk of things there and we took a not so little trip to IKEA the other day to get our most of our furniture and holy cow, it was exhausting. The next phase is wait for the items to come in and building them.

I can't wait to share my workspace with you!



  1. Even just looking at this part of the apartment excites me! Im absolutely pumped to see your IKEA picks. Everyone loves a good ikea haul

    BCfactor blog

  2. How exciting! x

  3. It must be so exciting to have a new space to decorate :) And good luck with your finals! x

  4. Thank you! My space is all ikea, my apartment looks like an ikea showroom haha x

  5. Thank you, Joana! I'm so excited! x