Thursday, May 28, 2015


forever 21 trench // stradivarius tee // thrifted skirt // h&m boots // h&m bag

I bought this skirt from a thrift store for one of my final projects and I was thinking of giving it aways after I'm done with it. And obviously, that didn't happen. 

Midi skirt is not something I thought I'd wear anytime soon because I always thought that midi skirt will look unflattering for my height, but a friend if mine changed my mind because she rocked her midis and encouraged me to give it a shot. It keeps my legs warm in the chilly weather and I don't have to worry about flashing people when it gets windy because of the length! 

How do you feel about midi skirts?



  1. I love midi skirts! Did you mean that you're tall and it'd look unflattering for your height? Because I'm way short and I don't care and I love a great midi skirt because it's always so classy, and an added bonus when it's the in-between weather of hot and slightly chilly!

    Cherie x

  2. I adore midi skirts. They are so classy! X!

  3. Love your style and you look gorgeous on that midi skirt. :)
    Good vibes Fox

  4. You rocked the midi!! You actually look really tall :)

  5. The trench x midi combo actually does make you look really tall!

    I'm starting to dabble into midi skirts, never thought to look in a thrift store for them. Thank you for the suggestion haha x

    Mel // izzipenelope

  6. I'm actually on the short side of height, I'm only 5'2". Ah, I agree, it's so classy and perfect for the weather here! x

  7. They are! and they go with so many things! x

  8. Thanks, Melissa :) Thrift stores is a great place to find midis! x

  9. It looks so flattering on you! I personally really like midi skirts but always stay away from them for the same reason you had. Maybe I'll give them a shot now :D

    Sofia |

  10. i absolutely love midi skirts! great work styling it!

  11. Love the composition of this look! So effortless and chic!