Wednesday, August 19, 2015

mid-august loves

The first half of this month has been incredibly insane, and I finally have a downtime. This month started with ending my Summer classes (whoop, whoop!) and my parents came over to visit and we went for a little tour. Let's start before the trip.

The first official day my parents arrived, I took them to Alemany Flea Market per their request. I've always wanted to go to a flea market here but I always forgot (meaning: I slept in or I have work). There were so many amazing things there (I'll post some pictures I took while I was there soon!), it was a really good experience and I'll definitely go back there. When I was looking around at the flea market, I found this navy and gold Anne Klein watch for such a good price and it hasn't left my wrist ever since.

Few days later, we went off for the tour. It was fun (mostly consisted of me snoozing off in the bus), we went to a few different states to visit the breathtakingly gorgeous national parks (more pictures on instagram). That being said, I needed everything that screams comfortable, so before we left for the tour, we went to Macy's to pick up a pair of white sneakers that my sister wanted (hurrah for tourist discount!) and when I was looking for my sister's shoes, I found these lovely Sperry sneakers. I kept staring at them, mostly because of its unusual laces, and well now I have a black (it's more of a charcoal black) sneakers to add in my black shoes collection. Speaking of shoes, there's actually another pair of shoes that didn't make it to the photo because I ran out of masking tape for the bottom of the shoes - fail. Anyways, I'm talking about my white Puma sneakers (which will have its own post later), basically I only wore these two pair of shoes the past month or so (I lied, there's another pair of shoes that I wore but they're not as comfortable, not a favorite).

The fourth thing (the second is the tour itself, the third and third and a half are the shoes) I've been loving are my glasses. Why? you may ask. Because when I was on the tour thingy, I was being an idiot that thought "I'll wear contact lenses today," even though I knew for a fact that I was going to take plenty of naps on the bus. Don't do it, bad idea, a very bad one, learn from me. So I spent the next few days and basically the rest of the trip wearing my trustee glasses while looking everywhere to buy eye drops for my incredibly irritated eyes. But it's all good now, thank God.

Moving on from the irritated eyes topic, I've been trying to find the perfect cup and saucer ever since I moved. A few weeks back, I went to CB2 (one of my favorite places) and I saw this cup - it's not too big, it's transparent, and it's light, it's perfection! Actually, I take that back, it's not perfect, it doesn't have a saucer. I went around and I finally settled for this small round appetizer plate to go with it. Yay for mix and matching.

I apologize if your eyes are so tired right now, should've warned you. I've had too many sugar and two big cups of green tea that is way more caffeinated than I thought, and I'm feeling really weird and hyper right now, whooo. Alright, let's move on.

Last but not least is reading. What? I never mention anything about reading here because it has been quite a while since I picked up a book that is not a textbook. I've read three or four books since July, it all started with The Secret History by Donna Tart, recommended by my friend. It was such a good book, by the end of it I was all "Wait, what? I can't believe that happened!", definitely a must read. Another friend of mine recommended Sidney Sheldon's Master of The Game, again, amazing! I'm horrible at giving opinion for books, all I can say is amazing, that was really good, or anything along that line, just go read it, or find some actual review of the book on goodreads or something. I read halfway of the second book of Master of The Game and it was meh, not as exciting as the first one so I put it down. I'm currently reading If Tomorrow Comes by Sidney Sheldon, who by now is probably my favorite writer. Another amazing book is Attachments by Rowell Rainbow, it's hilarious and sweet, definitely a lot lighter than the books I previously mentioned. Something I really like about these books are the settings are not exactly in modern day. Something that is not a novel is a magazine, well actually, magazines. Drift is a magazine about coffee, isn't that incredible? A whole magazine dedicated for coffee. This volume is about Tokyo, filled with so many beautiful photos, essays, guides, and recipe. Kinfolk is another magazine that I've been enjoying, I'm sure you know Kinfolk, so many beautiful essays. Please leave me some book recommendations if you feel like it.

Phew, turns out, this post does have an end. Alright, I'm signing off for the day now. What have you been loving this month?