Thursday, September 3, 2015

august beauty loves

I realized that I didn't include anything beauty related on my mid-august love post, so here we go.

Let's start with a base, I bought Dr Jart+ Black Detox BB because I need a lighter base. As much as I love my Tarte foundation, sometimes I just need a light, more of everyday base. It has enough coverage, SPF, and it has a pump!

Topshop bronzer in Mohawke is very helpful when it comes to creating some cheekbones for me. My cheekbones are pretty much nonexistent so a little help won't hurt. I like the fact that it's not orange like some other bronzers and I can apply it subtly.

MAC lipstick in Plumful - something I heard the beauty gurus on the internet talk about pretty frequently and now I get it. It's such and easy everyday color for me and it smells like vanilla!

Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Eyeliner in Dark Blue - my eyelids are very hooded and oily, so basically any eyeliner will transfer to the top of my eyelids, not a good thing. I found this eyeliner at Nordstrom rack and I bought it because it's in navy (it sounds very appealing to me for some reason) and it did not disappoint. It didn't transfer on my top lid, I'm so happy about it!

The last one is actually a method I saw Karima McKimmie does quite often in her video. She has the best eyebrows (and skin), ever. In some of her videos, she uses Fix+ to dampen her brush and use brow shadows, and it looked so good and natural so I gave it a shot and it's basically the only way I do my brows now.

What beauty product have you been loving lately?



  1. Oh that navy eyeliner sounds intriguing. Is it a dark navy where it's almost black? I've been looking for one like that! Also, thanks for the reminder to pull out Plumful, I am welcoming Fall with open arms. I've been using my TopShop lipstick in The Damned, it's a beautiful berry fuchsia which has been the best transition for Summer to Fall.

    Cindy //

  2. Good to know about the liner. I don't have hooded lids at all but they are super oily like yours, and I have issues with liner smearing on me. Lovely products!

    Sofia |