Tuesday, September 1, 2015

bag essentials #2

Behold, the bag that manage to fit all my stuff!

My sister got this bag in camel for her birthday a few months ago, and me being a the younger sister, copied her. *evil grin* My sister and I have very different style, she's the girly one and I'm the tomboy one, but we share most of our stuff when we were growing up because we basically have the same size. My sister is a handbag addict, she loves her handbags and I remember her coming back home from university, with a half of the suitcase filled with handbags. Anyways, she bought this bag and she whatsapp-ed me a (very blurry) picture of it. My initial reaction was "Oh, cute!" but I never really think of it until I saw it in person (and saw they have the black one). I stared for a bit and started to hold the bag and trying to figure out if it'll fit my camera in there (the struggle of finding a bag that fits my camera is real, you guys). My parents saw me  keep looking at this bag and asked if I want it as an early birthday present and there was a little firework going on in my head.

And if you're wondering, it fits my DSLR and film camera very nicely, both of them at the same time.

The stuff in it:
* The essentials: Phone, keys, wallet.
* Important stuff: Sunnies (I squint a lot), mints, hair ties (my hair is too long and it's getting out of control), lip balm, headphones.
* Handy stuff: portable charger, hand cream, hand sanitizer, tissue, USB, lipstick (I'm proud that I only have one lipstick in there right now)

What are your bag essentials?


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