Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Thoughts on: A Year of Mornings

This book spent a good week or two on my cart while I was debating with myself wether I should get it or not. I finally make the decision that I should definitely buy it, I mean it was pretty cheap (yay to secondhand books!). I've been trying to find a good book or magazine that will inspire me and my photography for quite a while now. Sure there are plenty of them on the internet, but I prefer flipping through images than looking at them on my computer which I'll forget and delete sooner or later.

Thoughts on the book...
It's a lot smaller than I thought it would be (6"x8") but it is filled with beautiful photographs that was taken by two friends who lived 3191 miles apart (you can read more about them on their website). The concept of this book is brilliant: taking a picture every day before noon. The photographs are gorgeous, so many new ideas popped into my mind while I was studying the pictures, new angles, composition, colors, textures, everything. The layout is pretty interesting, it's nothing like anything I've seen before; a lot of negative space (which I don't mind) but some of the pictures are just too small. But overall, I'm glad I bought the book. 

I find it so inspiring, a picture every morning of a whole year, that can't be easy! Who knows, maybe I'll give it a go (and probably fail, haha). If you're getting one of these, I'd say get a used book or just see the newer ones the site.

Do you have any recommendations on what book I should get next time?


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Smells Like Home

Ahhh, here's a random post of the week for you. First of all, Happy Valentine's Day! What are you up to? Spending the day with special someone? Or like me, doing my homework and sipping tea, enjoying the "calm" week (not too many assignments this week, hurrah!) Secondly, bad news, I lost my camera remote. I've been searching all over my room but I still can't find it, it's so frustrating. And it's also the reason I haven't post any OOTD's, I'll try to do a major room clean up again and hopefully I can find it this time. I'm sure some of you know how important that little remote is when it comes to taking pictures *sigh. Okay, that's enough, let's go straight to what the post is about.

I brew a cup of coffee last week and the smell instantly reminded me of home. After not seeing my family for almost a whole year and then only to see them just for a short month, I have to say, it was not enough. When I got back to San Francisco, I suddenly felt really lonely, it was just too quiet and I got bored really quickly. It was the little things that got me the most; the sound of my dad watching TV at night at the living room while I try to sleep in the bedroom my sister and I share, or simply having great company around to talk to. Studying abroad can suck sometimes. Because I felt particularly homesick that day, I decided to do something that reminded me of home: brewing a cup of coffee. Which does help (it's a little bit embarrassing to say that, it's not even a whole month yet); the smell calms me down and on the plus side, it tasted amazing  even though I became incredibly alert and hyper for the next few hours.

So again, happy Valentin's Day, tell someone you love them and grateful for them. And don't just on Valentine's day, everyday is a good day to appreciate one another.

Have a wonderful day!


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Around The Interwebs

I've always love reading Audrey's blog and everything was captured in the most gorgeous ways!

You see, I'm turning 20 this year (this October to be exact) and I feel old. I know, I know, 20 is not old but I love saying "-teen" when someone asked how old I am and look at the surprised face they always make (I look older than I actually am and I accept it). I really enjoy reading this post (or anything that Zanita wrote, really) and I'll make my 20s count for sure.

I've never really think about reasons why I love blogging and after being almost a whole month away from the internet (thanks to the horrible connection in Indonesia), I was trying to catch up with posts that I missed and I'm so glad I read this post because I basically agree on everything that Sofia mentioned, especially the last one!  

I. Want. Hawaii. Hawaii has always been on my "places to visit" list because the culture and the beaches seem so different than what we have in Bali. After seeing these beautiful pictures from Gary Pepper, I want to go to Hawaii even more! 

My goodness, I'm so glad EsteĆ© from EssieButton mentioned them (I don't remember where) but those girls know how to put outfits together!! 

What's your favorite thing that you find the internet lately?


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Burberry Effect

Wow, I haven't done a beauty related post in so long! And no, there's no Burberry product in here (I wish though). I love looking at fashion shows and there's one look in particular that has been on my mind since the last Fashion Week: Burberry Spring/Summer 2015 look, the glowy skin with the red lips *sigh* Ever since I saw the makeup look last year ( and especially after I saw the official Burberry tutorial here), all I can think about was 'I can't wait for Spring to arrive and try on this look!' I know it's not Spring yet, but the weather has been so lovely lately that I just had to give this look a shot.

As I mentioned in my January favorites post, I have been in love with the Tarte foundation, it gives amazing coverage but it's light weight and it still looks very natural. For my post jet lag under eye circles, I use my Bare Minerals concealer that I have been using for quite a while now, it works wonders for me. Another key to the look is the glowy skin which is why I sometimes add Well-Rested by Bare Minerals (that I actually got in a set with my concealer) on the high points of my face or just any highlighter that I've got around. After being done with all that, I realize, oh dear, I look very pale and dead, and that my friends, is where Honey Bronzer from The Body Shop that my aunt got me as a Christmas gift saves the day! Most of the time, I won't bother with blushers because I think having a bold red lip and blusher at the same time is a little bit too much. I use Naked2 Basics palette for my brows and eyes. For my eyes, I simply have Cover from the same palette all over the lid, Skimp at the inner corners of my eyes, and Undone on my lash line. And for my brows, I use mix Undone and Primal. My eyelashes are basically nonexistent and they are extremely straight (like a toilet brush) so of course, I need a good amount of mascara on my eye lashes. Last but certainly not least, the star of the show, the red lip, and here I use Revlon Matte Balm in Striking, I love the minty feeling and the matte finish of this lip crayon.

It's so simple and wearable, not something that you see all the time on the runway. I often change the red lip with other colors as well, because red lips are not the most practical when you're going out to eat. 

Would you wear this look?