Wednesday, January 4, 2017

twenty seventeen

Happy new year to anyone who still reads this neglected blog! New years time is always exciting to me, being back home with my friends and family, and shoving all kinds of Indonesian food on my face feel pretty amazing so far.

Let's recap what happened in 2016 shall we?
* I finished my third year of University in spring, which means there's only one more year to go and I'm very excited and nervous for it.
* I visited to New York back in May and fell in love with the city all over again. I had a blast thanks to my wonderful friend and host, Adrienne.
* Around September, decided it was time for me to have fringe (or bangs, whatever you want to call it) again!
* Then, October came around and I turned 21! I celebrated it by watching a movie and a relaxing day filled with strolling around the city (and not worry about my projects and assignments)
* Finished the fall semester and had a long but pleasant flight back home just in time for Christmas.
* Spent new years eve with my family and a couple of my friends and watched fireworks, a good way to end the year if you ask me.

As for 2017...
* I'll be graduating University this year, really need to start planning where I'll be off to after graduation.
* And...  I don't know what else. I feel like I don't have any solid plans yet other than graduating. So here's to new adventures and growing to be a better human being this year! 

Hope everyone had a safe and fun new years! See you soon. xx

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